This page is intended to propose good practices when making a DAO proposal and also to provide a more information on how the $RAC DAO works.

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The current configuration of the $RAC DAO is (the config can be changed by a proposal that is accepted):

  • Quorum is 33%. Which means there should be at least 33% of the staked tokens that are used to vote for a proposal otherwise it will fail.

  • 67% of the vote should be 'yes' for a proposal to pass otherwise it will fail.

  • It costs 500 $RAC to make a proposal (500 $RAC that are not currently staked in the DAO)

  • If a proposal fails, the 500 $RAC token that were used to make the proposal goes to the treasury.

  • If a proposal passes, the 500 $RAC token that were used to make the proposal are sent back to the proposer after the execution of the proposal.

  • Tokens in the treasury are owned by the DAO itself.

Considerations when making a proposal

It is easy to create a proposal but if you want to make sure the community participates to your proposal, you should consider the following:

  • Have a brainstorming session in the RAC-DAO channel on Discord so you are able to discuss with the community and see if your proposal would make sense. We also added the possibility of making polls in the channel.

  • Add a motivation/introduction to your proposal so the community understands where does the idea comes from and why should we take a vote on this.

  • Make sure your question can be answered by a yes or no otherwise you proposal could fail given it was misunderstood.

In conclusion, everyone with 500 $RAC can make a proposal but a clear proposal has more chance of getting engagement from the community.

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