🧮$RAC Utilities

What is $RAC?

$RAC is a CW20 token living on the $JUNO network: https://www.mintscan.io/juno/wasm/contract/juno1r4pzw8f9z0sypct5l9j906d47z998ulwvhvqe5xdwgy8wf84583sxwh0pa

What are the utilities of the $RAC token?

  • The first utility of $RAC was to provide to the top 125 holders (and 125 randomly chosen JUNO-RAC LP providers) with a free NFT from our $SCRT series.

  • The second utility of $RAC will be through participation in a DAO. The DAO will be made available in order for $RAC holders to stake their tokens and vote on governance items. A few examples of the types of proposals that may appear in the DAO include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Incentives for holders and stakers;

    • Decision-making for future NFT series’ (price, quantity, platform, etc.);

    • Usage of the 150,000 tokens reserved for contests and giveaways; and

    • Generic categories and/or specific games to be included on the Gambling Metaverse platform.

    • As noted above, Racøøn will develop a Metaverse/Gambling platform. The third utility of the $RAC token will be related to this platform. Staking $RAC on the platform will provide eligibility to receive a portion of the profits generated by the platform.

  • The fourth utility involves the release of the $JUNO NFT series. With this series, it will be possible to use your $RAC to modify (morph) your NFTs. We are also considering the possibility of using $RAC to mint an NFT.

  • The fifth utility involves the release of all future NFT series’. $RAC holders (and LP providers) will always be granted a portion of the NFT series free of charge. For example, the Racøøn team provided 19% of the $sSCRT series to $RAC holders.

  • Additional utilities will be considered in the future.

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