Motivation and Goals

Artificial intelligence (AI) generated Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and $RAC utility token
Innovative ideas are rarely successful when acted upon by a single mind. For this reason, community is the essence of Racøøn. A community consists of having the ability to combine different points of view and being able and willing to challenge each other. This is not an easy task but will surely generate a more successful project and enhanced vision.
Consequently, Racøøn's goal is to have a mutable body that unites community, artificial intelligence, and gambling. Each of these topics play a specific role and are integral to the success of the Racøøn project. The purpose of the following section is to showcase how these items are intended to work together for the betterment of the project as a whole.
Racoon's main goals
  • $RAC tokens will be 87% owned by the community and will grant decision-making powers over the $RAC tokens.
  • $RAC needs to be utility oriented. A few examples of this utility include providing access to NFT airdrops; the ability to purchase NFTs with $RAC; the ability to use $RAC to morph existing NFTs into new ones; inclusion in the Racøøn DAO; exclusive access to the Racøøn Metaverse and Gambling platform; and more.
  • NFTs: The Racøøn team anticipates issuing multiple small NFT series’ (3 to 4) on different Cosmos chains. This allows for the inclusion of all members of the Cosmos community regardless of their preferred chain.
  • NFTs: All Racøøn NFTs will be generated using artificial intelligence models. This is a core objective of the project.
  • Metaverse/Gambling: The Racøøn team members are proponents of responsible gambling and Metaverse. One of our goals in the medium-term is to create a Metaverse Gambling platform.
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